Simple: We help you Record, Process, Send, Store & Analyze your Student's Scorecards.

The most user friendly & Cost effective e-student scorecard.

Iskorr records & processes student's data and presents digital copies of Result cards, for view and to print.

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iSkorr takes the difficult task of recording, processing, ranking and storing student's record off the list of things school administrators and teachers have to do. Teachers and Administrators can now focus on the more important task of developing management strategies and decision-making... Several dozens of institutions across the country use iSkorr to process thousands of scorecards every school term.

iSkorr is a software developed by Topsoft en., a Nigerian based company.


About iSkorr

Now you don't have to worry about the timely processing of students examination scores. The iskorr internet application, allow school owners manage student assessment records and store them permanently on the web, at a very pocket friendly costs. Some of the exciting capabilities of the portal includes

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Scorecard Processing

Accurate data capture, user-specific processing criteria, permanent data storage.


Additionally, examination scores and other important informations can be sent to parents through emails and sms; with a permanent storage of such messages saved for audit purposes

Student Data Management

Emails, scorecards, class photos, birthdays, addresses, mobile numbers are saved for future references

Class Administration

Enrollment, Psychometric data records, Promotions, demotions...


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Accurate Data Capture & Processing
Records show that using the iSkorr scorecards instead of paper-based scorecards reduces human errors and complaints from parents and students by as much as 58%.
Data Analytics
Our scorecard management system performs customisable data analysis useful for comparing students performance from year to year.
Affordable Pricing
Our pricing is incomparable for the quality and efficiency we offer.
Easy To Use
Most school Administrators recommend the iSkorr software because of its user friendliness and its capacity to aid users perform tasks safely, effectively, and efficiently ; while enjoying the experience.
Our support service is available from 8:00 to 17:00 every working day and sometimes on weekends and holidays.
Safety First
We backup all your records and can easily provide them on request.